6 Items To Integrate If You Want To Create A Custom Handbag

If you are commissioning a custom handbag as a gift for someone or for yourself, there are lots of ways to make that bag truly unique. Looking for ways that the bag can reflect your personal sense of style or things that make you feel nostalgic? Then, took a look at these ideas:

1. Integrate Old T-Shirts

Over the years, people tend to collect a lot of t-shirts. If you are commissioning a custom handbag for a young person, they may have t-shirts from school events, camps, sports teams, and more. You may want to see if the bag maker can remove some of the graphics from those t-shirts and integrate them into the bag.

If you're opting for a large over the shoulder bag, you may want to request a reversible bag. That way, you can integrate even more t-shirts into the design.

2. Use Your Favorite Old Clothes

You don't just have to use t-shirts. Do you have an old ripped skirt that you love but can't wear anymore? Are there baby clothes from your kids that make you feel nostalgic? Do you have clothes from a loved one who has departed?

If so, you can ask the custom handbag maker to integrate these elements into the bag. Some of this cloth can form the outside of the bag, or if you want a leather bag, thin bits of clothing can work as a liner, pockets, or small embellishments.

3. Think About Photographs

Some custom bag makers can print copies of photographs onto the bag. This is great for beach bags, book bags, or casual totes. When working on your bag design, you can use a picture of your child, pet, or even a nature scene or more artistic shot.

4. Consider Artwork

In addition to photographs, you may also be able to integrate custom artwork. If you love to draw or paint, why not bring those designs alive on the side of a custom bag? That can make a great, one-of-a-kind bag to give as friends and relatives as gifts. Alternatively, you can work with a graphic designer to create artwork for the bag.

5. Don't Forget the Hardware

Finally, many custom handbags need hardware. Do you have a zipper or some buttons that you love? You may be able to use that to close the bag. Do you have old earrings, charms, or other small items that you want to be integrated into the bag? They can work as pulls or decorative elements.

Contact a custom accessories shop for more information and assistance.