Hooded Shirts That Provide UV Protection For Men

Anyone can benefit from wearing clothes that have a high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating. If you are a man who spends time performing outdoor water and land activities, consider purchasing some hooded sun shirts that will safeguard your skin against ultraviolet rays.

The Ultraviolet Protection Factor

The Ultraviolet Protection Factor is used to rate garments. This type of rating system is comparable to the SPF (Sun Protection Factor). The difference between these two rating systems is that the UPF system is used to rate textiles and the SPF system is used to rate topical products, such as liquid sunscreens. The higher the rating, the more protection that a garment will provide. A men's hooded sun shirt is a garment that will contain a dense weave that blocks a portion of the sun's rays. This type of garment will contain a hood that will block sunlight from coming into contact with a user's scalp and neck. Since delicate skin covers the head and neck, having access to a garment that will provide increased sun protection will be beneficial to anyone who will be spending a lot of time outdoors.

The Selection Process

A hooded sun shirt may be constructed of cotton, polyester, linen, or any other fabric type that casual wear is typically made of. Some fabrics will provide more sun protection than others, resulting in a garment being labeled with a higher UPF rating. A clothing manufacturer is responsible for labeling their products, to alert consumers to the sun protection properties of a product. This type of label may be sewn into a shirt or may be printed directly onto the fabric. If you spend ample time outdoors during each season, you may want to purchase long- and short-sleeved sun shirts.

Additional Considerations

If your skin burns easily and you have freckles and moles on parts of your body, it is in your best interest to purchase sun shirts that contain a high UPF rating. If you take any medications, you should be particularly mindful of the clothing that you wear while outdoors. Some medications may interact negatively when combined with exposure to sunlight. Carefully shop for sun-protection clothing and choose garments that contain the highest UPF rating. The clothing that you invest in should be replaced as needed, since worn-out clothing may not provide as much sun protection as newer clothing that is in excellent shape.

If you need clothing with a high UPF rating, consider buying men's hooded sun shirts