3 Reasons To Use Nylon Spandex Fabric For Your Costume

Whether you're making or ordering a costume for a themed event, holiday outing, sports performance, or cosplay purposes, one detail to research is what kind of fabric you want to use to construct the costume. It's important to use the appropriate fabric choice to ensure your costume is comfortable and durable.

One material that is suitable for many costumes is nylon spandex fabric. As suggested by the name, this fabric choice is crafted from a mix of nylon and spandex. Here are a few reasons that nylon spandex fabric is a great choice for your costume needs. 

1. Nylon Spandex Fabric Is Available in Numerous Finishes and Colors

When designing a costume, you likely have specific color needs to make sure that your costume is recognizable or matches the other costumes around you. Nylon spandex is available in an assortment of color options, making it easy for you to find a hue that's right for your needs. 

You can further customize your costume by selecting the right fabric finish for your look. Fabrics crafted from a nylon spandex mixture are often available in matte and shiny finishes. Matte fabrics work well for costumes designed to replicate a certain look or character, while shiny fabrics are popular for flashier costumes or costumes for sporting events (like dance recitals or gymnastics competitions).

2. Fabric with a Nylon Spandex Blend Holds Its Shape

Once you put on a costume, you want the assurance that the costume will look amazing even after hours of wear or after wearing it for multiple outings. You don't want the costume to start to sag or stretch out as you move around in it.

A blend of nylon and spandex will ensure that your costume keeps its shape, even after multiple wears and laundering. For optimal longevity, make sure that you wash and dry the fabric according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

3. Outfits Created from a Nylon Spandex Blend Are Comfortable

It's important for your costume to be comfortable, especially if you'll need to be active or perform a routine when wearing the costume. You need to be able to move, walk, and jump as needed while in costume. 

Fortunately, nylon spandex fabric is a top choice for a comfortable costume. The fabric moves and bends with the wearer, and it won't constrict your movements. Even though the fabric is flexible, it has a high level of structure that prevents it from riding up or bunching when you're engaging in an activity.