Unique Baby Gifts Every New Mommy Will Love

If someone you know is having a baby, you want to get them a gift they will love. Not something common that everyone else is getting them (like burp cloths and receiving blankets), something unique, quirky, and fun. Here are 4 unique baby gifts every new mommy will rave about and cherish when she welcomes her new little one into the world.


You've heard of baby bibs, and you've heard of bandannas. Well, the 'bibdana' is a charming combination of the two. New mommies (and daddies) will love these charming bibdanas they can place around their baby's neck during future feedings, or even to catch the unavoidable spit ups when they are brand new. You can buy bibdanas online from local crafters or find a pattern and sew a few one-of-a-kind pieces yourself for a truly charming gift.


Crocheted baby bags resemble little sacks, and are perfect for snuggling new babies in for nap time. Aptly called cocoons, these soft little sleeping bags for babies are perfect for a new mommy who is afraid to jostle her little one too much as she settles her baby down for a nap. You can order custom-made cocoons from local crafters, and even have a little baby hat made to match for the perfect accessory any new mommy can love.

Onesie bouquet

If you're set on going with a classic gift like onesies (after all, no new mommy can have too many of them), make a bouquet out of them. Roll individual onesies up tight and place them in a circular pattern inside a traditional clay flower pot. Pack them in tightly so they can protrude out of the top to resemble curled up flowers ready to bloom. Finish the gift by adorning the bouquet with fresh baby's breath flowers, and you have a gift any new mommy will swoon over.

Rattle socks

Rattle socks are adorable, tiny little socks with little shapes or animal faces sewn on top of the toes. These little adornments have rattles in them that make noise whenever baby moves their feet around. This gift is perfect for babies as they hit a few months of age and discover their toes for the first time, and the socks serve as both a toy and an educational tool. The noise promotes curiosity and hand-eye coordination as baby tries to grab the noise-making sock. New mommies will take delight in their little one's new discovery thanks to a seemingly plain piece of clothing.

New mommies love any kind of help and attention they can get when their new babies are born. The perfect gifts are ones that are useful and unique, such as bibdanas. Pick any of these handy gifts for a new mom, and she'll be grateful to have you as a friend for being so thoughtful of her and her new bundle of joy.