The Vocabulary Of Buying Cowboy Boots

If you're visiting Texas or the southwest and you'd like to take home a pair of stylish cowboy boots, or maybe you'd like to get that look without having to travel, there are a number of things a first-time boot buyer needs to know to make a purchase that they'll be happy with for years to come. One of the things that can help to make the process of buying your boots easier is to learn a few of the key words that make up the cowboy boot vocabulary.

1. Toe shapes. Not all cowboy boots are shaped alike. There are four basic types of toe shapes available in cowboy boots. Square-toed boots have a broad cross cut at the toe. Snip-toed boots boast a much narrower cross cut. Oval or rounded-toe boots are shaped as the name implies and traditional-toe boots are tapered to a slight point.

2. Pull strap. The pull straps on cowboy boots are the loops at the top of either side of the boot. These are designed to make it easier to take the boots on and off.

3. Piping. This is the decorative detail that runs along the upper edge of the boot.

4. Scallop. This part of the boot, also known as the "dip," is the V-shape in the front and back of the boot.

5. Vamp. This is the part of the boot that covers the top of the toe area.

6. Shaft. The shaft is the vertical height of the entire boot. Most standard cowboy boots are around 12" high.

7. Ropers. A type of cowboy boot that was originally designed for rodeo cowboys. This type of boot has a shorter shaft and a lower heel that a traditional cowboy boot.

8. Western heel. Most traditional cowboy boots have western heels. These are tapered in the back rather than being square. Ropers, however, generally have square heels.

9. Counter. This is the part of the boot just above the heel in the back.

10. Outsole. This is the narrow ridge between the sole of the boot and the leather.

Adding a pair (or two) of cowboy boots to your wardrobe can give you a unique sense of style, especially if you live outside of the southwestern United States. Make it easier to choose the boots that are just right for you by studying up on cowboy boot lingo before you go shopping online or in person.

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