Part Of Her World: Fun Ideas For A Mermaid Photo Shoot With Your Little Girl

Most little girls adore "The Little Mermaid" and other fun tales that feature the adventures of mermaids. These fairy tale heroines of the sea are sometimes mischievous, but they usually end up being great role models for little ones. Make some fun summer memories and plan a fun mermaid-themed, poolside photo shoot for your little girl.

Get the Outfit Right

The most important part of helping a little girl feel her best as a mermaid is a new mermaid swimming suit. She may want to help pick it out herself, or you could purchase one that you feel will inspire her. Don't forget that a mermaid tail for the pool is an essential prop for the photos and the fun! You may want to have an indoors photo session, too, before heading outdoors. Although natural lighting can be amazing, sometimes the indoor shots save the day.

Reenact Some Fun Shots

Your daughter will probably giggle with delight if you have her recreate famous scenes from mermaid movies as part of the photo shoot. Most people know the image of Ariel pushing herself up on a rock while singing "Part of Your World." You may choose to watch mermaid movies together the week before the shoot and choose scenes to recreate. In addition to "The Little Mermaid," some kid-friendly mermaid movies include "Aquamarine" and "Barbie: Mermaidia."

Invite Friends Over for a Photo Costume Party

If your little girl has a lot of friends who share her love for mermaids, invite them over to be a part of the themed photo shoot. The more, the merrier, right? Just be sure to take some shots of your daughter by herself before the group arrives, so you can have some pictures to show off and frame of just your daughter. Once the group arrives, you can engage everyone in some fun with the following ideas:

  • Encourage parents to come in costume as a character from a mermaid film. Having Ursula or King Triton in a photo can be fun, too!
  • Serve sea-themed refreshments such as blueberry punch (the color of the sea), sand-colored cookies, and seashell-shaped pasta.
  • Make up a fun mermaid dance and take photos of the kids trying to do it together. Candid photos are often the best ones, especially when kids are having fun together.

Finally, keep in mind that what most matters about this photo session is having fun. You want to take a few cute photographs, but creating happy memories together is the most important thing. Help your little girl live out her mermaid dreams and have some fun together in the process.