Bored With Cotton And Nylon, But Hate The Idea Of Fur And Leather? Try These Two Jacket Materials

If you're someone who is serious about animal treatment, and you don't like the idea of wearing leather or fur, then it might seem like you have few options when it comes to jackets. Not every occasion calls for a heavy nylon parka. And maybe you're not a fan of the classic cotton blend coat. Luckily there are lots of alternatives to leather and fur. Here are two of them.

Raw Denim

Denim is often an overlooked fabric. Everyone has had a jean jacket at one time or another, but that's no reason to overlook denim. If you are looking for a coat that will work well in the cooler periods of the spring and the fall, then you should consider denim. In particular, you should consider raw denim. Raw denim hasn't been treated in the same way that most denim products have. Particularly, the denim hasn't been "washed". This means that the indigo stays on the denim and will wear off in a pattern that is unique to your body. It will literally be a one-of-a-kind design. This is perfect if you're someone who hates off-the-rack style clothing.

Raw denim tends to be used by high-end designers, so you should look in boutiques like Unique Styles TX or in specialty jean shops that deal in raw denim. It is also important to make sure the denim is selvedge. This is a style of weaving that makes for a stronger fabric. Selvedge is self-finished, so the fabric won't unravel like regular denim often does.

Humane Angora

If you really like the feel of fur, but hate the idea of how it is harvested, then consider humane angora. Rabbits actually need to be combed out in order to prevent "wool block," a condition in which the rabbit, which grooms itself like a cat, will ingest too much excess fur. That fur will ball up in the rabbit's intestine and cause a blockage, which can make them extremely sick and cause death. Combing out the fur on a regular basis will help prevent that problem, and that fur can be used to make angora sweaters and accented jackets.

Be sure to look for an ethical or humanely processed angora. It will be more expensive, but you can rest assured that you are not partaking in animal cruelty. These angora rabbits are raised on farms that prioritize their well-being, and the fur is processed when their handlers groom them on a healthy schedule.