Time To Hit The Links: 3 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Golf Attire

If you've recently discovered the game of golf, it's time to get you prepared to hit the links. Golf is a sport that's rich in history. While golf was once a game that was restricted to the elite, It's now a game that anyone can play and enjoy. If you've decided to take up golf as a leisure-time activity, you'll need the proper attire. Here are three things you should take into consideration when choosing your golf wear.


While you may have a golf cart to use on the course, and you might have someone to carry your golf bag, you're still going to be doing a lot of walking during the game. This is particularly true if you're playing the entire 18-holes. If you're playing in an area where the weather – or the terrain – can change quickly, you'll need your clothes to adapt to the changes. That's why it's important that you choose your clothing wisely.


When choosing shirts, it's best to stick to three-quarter sleeve length styles. The mid-length sleeves will allow you to stay cool during the warm weather, but will provide you additional warmth if the temperatures begin to drop.


When it comes to women's golf bottoms, you have a couple of choices. The most common choices are skirts and pants. Long pants are best if you're going to be playing on courses that have significant roughs. The long pants will protect your legs if you need to travel through the brush to look for wayward balls. Skirts are nice for warm-weather play, especially if you're going to be practicing your putts.

Breathable Fabric

Because you're going to be spending so much time outside during your game, you'll want the fabric you choose to be breathable. The last thing you want is to finish up the 18th hole saturated in sweat. Polyester blend clothing allows you to stay cool, while keeping the sweat away from your body.

Freedom of Movement

Finally, when you're playing golf, you need to be able to move your body. You don't want your swing to be hindered by clothing that's too tight. For your best game, make sure that the clothing you choose allows you to enjoy complete freedom of movement.

Now that you're going to be hitting the links, make sure your clothes are ready for the action. The tips provided here will help you choose the best clothing for your game of golf.