Hiker-Proven Tips For Selecting The Best Women's Rain Jacket

If you are planning on purchasing a new women's rain jacket this year to wear when you go hiking, then it is important that you choose the best jacket to meet your needs. By selecting a rain jacket that properly fits your specific body type and is made of the right materials, you will be able to enjoy your hikes in even the most inclement weather. Here are some hiker-proven tips you can use while shopping to ensure you choose the best rain jacket:

Tip: Do Some Online Research Before You Go Shopping

As you will soon find, women's rain jackets can range in price from very modest to very expensive. While price is sometimes indicative of the materials used to make a jacket and all of the research and testing a jacket has undergone, this isn't always the case. To differentiate between manufacturers and decide if a jacket is well made, take some time to research outdoor materials online before you go shopping. Learn about fabrics that are water-resistant versus those that are waterproof and look at the prices listed for various manufacturers. By simply researching these topics, you will be able to look at a rain jacket's label and know what kind of protection it will provide and understand if it is well priced or not when you get to the store. 

Tip: Consider a 3-in1 Jacket for Hiking in the Rain

Even in winter, temperatures in the mountains can vary a great deal between early morning and evening. If you tend to head out early in the morning for your hikes or stay late in the evening, then you should consider a 3-in-1 rain jacket for maximum warmth and comfort. This type of jacket has an inner, fleece-lined shell that you can attach to the outer rain shell. You can wear either piece separately and place the unused part of the jacket in a pocket on your daypack. 

Tip: Look for Quality Seams and a Big Hood

Finally, when purchasing a women's rain jacket for hiking, you should always check the jacket to make sure all of its seams are taped and there are no seams visible on the outside of the jacket. Any area that you see stitching is an area where water will leak through the jacket. High-quality jackets will have seam tape over every seam. Also, you should look for a rain jacket with a larger hood. A larger hood will be more comfortable and provides more protection in heavy rains.

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