Starting An Office Job: How To Dress For Success

You've started a new office job, and you want to look both smart and professional. As a man looking to improve your company image and climb the corporate ladder, you have to think beyond basic slacks and dark-hued jeans. Here is a guide to help you choose the best office attire so you stand out at work and make your presence known.

Buy the right Pants

If you think basic khaki pants will cut it as professional office wear, then you need to think outside the box a bit. You need high-quality pants that are designed with fit and attraction in mind, such as Circle S dress pants.

When buying pants, color matters as much as fit. If you want to blend in with the office crowd, stick to classic off white, tan, or dark brown hues. If you want to look more commanding in the office, then go for navy, black, or steel gray pants. Pants should have a crease down the front, have a longer crotch for comfort, and end below the ankles for optimum wear.

Buy the right shirts

Polos are too casual for the office in many cases. You want classic button-up shirts in a variety of pleasing hues, ranging from classic white to a light blue or even soft yellow. You can pair buttoned shirts with vests or light jackets or wear these shirts plain with a nice tie. You can buy your office shirts from the same company you buy your pants from to keep your style not only consistent but also high-quality throughout.


Your shoes should always be presentable loafers or other leather-styled office footwear. Don't invest in sneakers or other casual shoes unless they are allowed in the office, and even then, it's best to opt for a boat shoe or other office-ready type of shoe.


Accessories include ties, belts, and other items that you use to enhance your office attire. Stick to leather belts in gleaming finishes. Black and dark brown are ideal hues that match most outfits with ease. Your ties should be lightly patterned or plain and express your vivid personality without being too overly distracting. When in doubt, examine what your new coworkers are wearing and follow suit, so to speak, only with your own personal touch in style. Your dress wear specialist will help you select clothing that will help you stand out in the office well.