3 Tips For Choosing Your Little Girl's Swimsuit This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and if you have a little girl, it's time to begin the annual search for a new swimsuit. Here are three tips to keep in mind in your quest for the perfect bathing costume.

Look At A Girls' Boutique Clothing Shop

If you want your princess to look different than everyone else, skip shopping at the big box retailers. They are usually poorly made, and their inexpensive price reflects this. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Rather than spend your money on something that likely won't last the summer, shop instead at a quality boutique.

Another huge advantage of not shopping at discount stores is that your precious child will be easier to pick out of the crowd. Swimming pools and beaches get incredibly busy in summer, especially on swelteringly hot days. When your little girl has a unique swimming suit from a specialty boutique, she'll be easier to pick out from among all the other children. This has major safety advantages if you momentarily lose track of her for a second because the unique suit will help you find her quicker.

Have Her Try The Suit On Before You Buy

People are often under the mistaken impression that undergarments and swimming suits cannot be tried on nor can they be returned once bought, but this isn't the case. Just make sure she keeps her panties on when trying the swimming suit on. Swimming suit sizing often runs small. If you just grab her size off the rack, you may be disappointed and find out it is too small once you get home.

Having her try the suit on will make certain that it fits, and more importantly, that it fits well. Little girls who are tall and thin for their age often don't fare well in a one-piece tank-style swimming costume because it can constantly ride up and irritate sensitive areas. A two-piece swimming suit may work better.

Conversely, little girls who still have their baby fat may prefer a one-piece swimming suit. Additionally, fair-skinned, freckled children are more at risk for sunburn and skin cancer. A suit that provides more coverage will offer more protection, and having them try it on will help you decipher if you need even more coverage. Having them try it on before you buy it will ensure that it fits as it should and that it provides the level of modesty you are looking for.

Read The Label

Cheap swimsuits are often made from polyester. You'll want to get a swimsuit that is made from Lycra and/or Spandex. This material offers breathability and dries quickly. It also holds its shape much better.

For more information on buying girls' boutique clothing, contact a boutique. They can answer any questions you mat have.