3 Tips For Hosting An Eco-Friendly Pool Party

Pool parties are a great way to spend time with family and friends, but you also want to be aware of the carbon footprint you create when you host gatherings. Learn about ways to host an eco-friendly pool party and how to increase environmental awareness with everyone you know.

1. Implement a Dress Code

A pool party seems like a the last place you would have a dress code, but educating and informing your guests will go a long way. Traditional bathing suits are made with a lot of plastic fibers, which are not ideal. Plastic does not break down and creates a lot of landfill and ocean waste.

When you wash the bathing suits, small plastic microfibers can release into the water drainage system and eventually pollute natural water supplies. As part of your dress code, encourage guests to purchase and wear sustainable luxury swimwear. The swimwear is often made with recycled products and does not use new materials.

For example, some bathing suits may be made with recycled plastic bottles. Other pieces are manufactured using plant fibers. To help your guests, consider putting together a list of options to make the process easy. Listing the benefits of the sustainable swimwear option may help people make long-term decisions beyond just the pool party you host.

2. Solar-Powered Pool Equipment

When you host a party all day, you could end up wasting a lot of electricity on running a pool pump or providing lights for guests. Before the party, plan to upgrade some of your outdoor pool options to solar-powered equipment.

For example, you could purchase a solar-powered pool filter. The solar panel powers a pump to filter water and provide a clear swimming experience for guests. You could also surround the pool area with solar-powered lights. As the party transitions into night, the solar-powered lights provide plenty of illumination without the need for excessive electricity use.

3. Sustainable Plates and Cutlery

If you plan on serving food and drinks at the pool party, consider the use of sustainable plates and cutlery. Sustainable plates will naturally break down so waste build up is not created. As you set up for a party, ensure you have a bin for the recyclables so you do not create a lot of waste.

Purchase enough of the plates and cutlery to ensure you have plenty to cover your guest list. Save anything you have leftover and use the items for your everyday use.

With a little extra planning, you can go a long way in hosting an eco-friendly pool party and turn the experience into a fun tradition.