Ways To Empower Women Through Your Fashion Choices

If you are a feminist, you might want more ways to help with women's empowerment. You can go to the women's marches and the protests and meetings, but what are some choices you can make on a daily or weekly basis? Get to know some of the ways that you can empower women through your fashion choices. Then, you can be sure that you are making choices on a daily basis that uphold women's empowerment. 

Find Size-Inclusive Brands

If you want to empower women, you should be empowering all women, including those of larger or smaller sizes. Women who fall into the "plus-size" category often find themselves neglected by or excluded from fashion brands and lines. And while there are some brands that are designed exclusively for plus sizes, the options are a lot fewer for these women. 

So, if you want to empower women, buy from size-inclusive brands. If you are interested in a fashion brand and they are not size-inclusive, write them an email or make a phone call and request that they start carrying a wider variety of sizes. Tell them that you and other consumers want all women to be able to buy from their brand and that you would be a customer if they did so. If brands get enough pressure to be size-inclusive, they often do so and quickly. So, be sure to put the pressure on and encourage the other women in your circles to do the same. 

Find Ethically Manufactured Brands

The manufacturing of clothing is largely done overseas these days, and many of the garment factory workers are women. You want to be sure that the brands you choose have ethical manufacturing practices and policies that protect and care for the women (and men and enby workers) in their employ. 

This means they might have union workers, for example. It also means that the factories are clean, shifts are reasonable, and the pay is fair and good on a global standard. Brands that are ethical manufacturers will often have information about their practices readily available for the public, though you may have to ask for it. Again, contact the brands you are interested in and inquire about their manufacturing practices and policies. 

Now that you know a few ways to empower women through your fashion choices, you can find women's empowerment fashion more readily and easily to make a part of your wardrobe.