Subtle Cannabis Terminology to Print on Your T-Shirts

If you make cannabis apparel, you probably get plenty of customers who want cannabis-related artwork and blatant pictures of marijuana plants on their clothing. But you may also encounter customers who want something a little more subtle that whispers "cannabis" rather than screaming it. Either these customers want to be discrete, or they want to preserve the somewhat underground nature of the cannabis community. Either way, you should consider crafting shirts that meet their needs by featuring subtle cannabis terminology, like the following.

1. Clones

Anyone who has ever grown cannabis or read about growing it knows that reputable growers grow their plants from clones or clippings from an adult cannabis plant. But the word "clone" does not distinctly imply that you're talking about cannabis. You could make shirts with the phrase "attack of the clones" and images of little leaves on them. Or, you could make shirts that say "I love clones, but only plants."

2. Dank

The word "dank" has come to refer to really sticky, high-quality cannabis. But those who aren't as involved in cannabis culture may not know that, which makes the word pretty subtle. You could make shirts with bright, rainbow colors and a sort of psychedelic pattern, and then just the word "dank" printed in the middle. 

3. Kush

Kush is a genetic line of cannabis plants, or in other words, a group of related cannabis strains. It is one of the oldest and best-known genetic lines. But still, the word "kush" isn't overly blatant when it comes to cannabis lingo. You could have shirts patterned with pine cones and oranges — flavors that kush strains are known to provide — and also have the word "kush" printed on the front of the shirt. The phrase "love my kush" is another option, although not quite as subtle.

4. Shatter

Shatter is a concentrated cannabis product, but people who are not immersed in the cannabis culture are unlikely to know that. It actually has a pretty cool appearance, much like that of hard candy. You could have an image of shatter and the word "shatter" printed on a shirt, and it would not even be obvious to some that the shirt was referring to cannabis. But those who like and use shatter would be really excited to wear such a shirt.

If you use the above cannabis terminology on your shirts, you're sure to have lots of excited customers. To learn more about cannabis apparel, contact companies like THE SKUNK FATHER LLC.