Hooded Shirts That Provide UV Protection For Men

Anyone can benefit from wearing clothes that have a high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating. If you are a man who spends time performing outdoor water and land activities, consider purchasing some hooded sun shirts that will safeguard your skin against ultraviolet rays. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor The Ultraviolet Protection Factor is used to rate garments. This type of rating system is comparable to the SPF (Sun Protection Factor). The difference between these two rating systems is that the UPF system is used to rate textiles and the SPF system is used to rate topical products, such as liquid sunscreens. [Read More]

Check These Details When You Buy Flip-Flops

For many men, there's no better type of summer footwear than flip-flops. If you enjoy wearing flip-flops as a way of staying cool and you wish to buy a new pair in advance of the hot weather, you'll find all sorts of products on the market. It's important to assess the design of several different pairs so that you get the product you want. A lot of men favor flip-flops in which the straps are adjustable, as this will allow them to ensure that the footwear is as snug as they wish. [Read More]

Why Have Custom African Clothes Fashioned For You?

If you love clothing with culture and history, then investing in custom African clothing can be right for you. Whether you like to have one-of-a-kind pieces or you just have an affinity for African-inspired items, discover why you should have custom African clothes made for you. You get something that is tailored to your body African clothing pieces are all about color, design, texture, and storytelling. In order to wear something ornate like this style of clothing, it has to fit well. [Read More]

Subtle Cannabis Terminology to Print on Your T-Shirts

If you make cannabis apparel, you probably get plenty of customers who want cannabis-related artwork and blatant pictures of marijuana plants on their clothing. But you may also encounter customers who want something a little more subtle that whispers "cannabis" rather than screaming it. Either these customers want to be discrete, or they want to preserve the somewhat underground nature of the cannabis community. Either way, you should consider crafting shirts that meet their needs by featuring subtle cannabis terminology, like the following. [Read More]