Keep Rain Boots On Hand for All Kinds of Adventures

Rain boots are an essential part of any child's wardrobe. Sometimes kids have to go out on a rainy day, and splashing in puddles is hard to resist. A pair of rain boots keep little feet dry even when the fun is wet, but those slick boots aren't just for rain. Children's rain boots can be useful in several situations. Here are a few. 

Mud Fun

What is better than a rain puddle? A mud puddle! The best activity after a rain storm is to go outside and play in all that wonderful, messy mud. Rain boots will help keep the mud off your child's feet and allow you to stop worrying that a pair of shoes is going to be destroyed. 

The Beach

Rain boots at the beach? Yes! Hot sand can be very painful on little toes, and kids need something to wear on their feet when they are playing. Rain boots are better than sandals because they protect much more of the foot. Also they go seamlessly from sand to water. Feet in rain boots are protected when stepping on anything yucky that may be hanging around on the ocean floor. They also dry quickly, which means you can wash them out with a hose and let them sit in the sun, and they will be ready for another adventure in just a few hours. 


Painting is a terrific activity that lets kids use their creative energy to make something they can be proud to call their own. Sometimes parents may shy away from messy activities like painting, but a little bit of protection goes a long way. 

You can set your children up outside with an easel or just a fence to hang a piece of paper from and some washable paints. Put them in a tunic, a poncho or an adult's used button up shirt to protect their clothes. Finish the ensemble with rain boots to keep them from splashing through spilled paint with their shoes or bare feet. 


Let children help you in the garden, but be sure to put some rain boots on their feet first. Boots will keep your child's feet free of dirt, mud, water and plant food while you work together outdoors. 

Rain boots are made for water, but they are certainly an item with multiple uses. Always keep a pair of rain boots on hand for your child's adventures. You will be glad you did.