On Vacation And Lost Your Luggage? How To Find A Clothier In Your Destination City

Losing your luggage while on vacation is a common enough occurrence that all airports recommend that you carry a few days' worth of clothing in a carry-on bag. If you have lost your luggage en route to your vacation destination, and you have followed the airport's advice, then you should have at least one or two days' worth of clothing to change in and out of. If the airport still has not located your luggage by the third day, you may want to find a clothier in the city in which you are vacationing. Here are a couple of different options you could try. 

Store Location Search via Smartphone or Laptop

Smartphones with voice command software can tell you about any retail chain locations in your current city and/or area. If you do not have a smartphone, then you could always open your laptop, search retail sites and current city, or go directly to the website of a retail chain and look for the "store locator" link and click on it. You will need the zip code of the city you are in, and then the locator button/link should pull up several stores that sell clothing near you. If you have neither a smartphone nor a laptop with you (and this is possible, since some people like to completely disconnect from electronics when they go on vacation), then try one of the next solutions below.

Ask the Desk Clerks in Your Hotel/Motel

Some of the really upscale, four-and-five-star hotels have clothiers right inside their walls, the majority of which make handmade shirts and tailored suits if you need something more business-like or formal. Otherwise, the desk clerks at just about any hotel or motel can probably tell you where to find the nearest clothing and retail stores (such as Mario Rojas Custom Cothiers). After all, they live and work in this city and probably spend their paychecks here too.

Check out the Souvenir Shops

Many souvenir shops sell t-shirts, jackets, sandals, flip-flops, and swimwear. You may pay through the nose because these clothing items are being sold to tourists, but if you cannot find any other place to buy clothes nearby (and there are some popular vacation destinations that are like that), then you can almost always count on souvenir shops to sell some clothing items. Really popular destinations in major cities also have souvenir shops that sell themed pajamas, shorts and even underwear (e.g., major theme park destinations).