Re-Purposing Used Furs: Clever Crafts For Your Fur Coat Or Cape

Got an old fur coat or cape in your attic or storage? Instead of tossing it out, consider re-purposing it in a variety of clever ways. Plus, this gives the fur a second life, keeping it out of landfills while providing you with something useful and stylish for the home.

Some ways to re-purpose your fur coat or cape include:

A bed for a pampered pet. Make something for your four-legged friends out of an old or outdated fur coat or cape:

  • Trim the fur cape or coat down a bit, removing the lining and any buttons or clasps that could be a choking hazard. You should be left with just the pelt when finished.
  • Don't worry about cutting the fur down into a perfect square, as it will be used to line a dog bed or cat cushion.
  • Wrap the bedding or pillow with the fur, tucking the ends underneath the cushion. Pets will love to snuggle against the soft fur!

Some plush pillows. Fur pillows are chic and sophisticated. Make some of your own with your old fur:

  • Cut two squares of fur from the cape or coat; each should be the same size. Remove any lining material before proceeding.
  • Lay the fabric flat so the fur sides face each other, and use pins to hold the two pieces in place.
  • Stitch around three sides of the pillow.
  • Turn inside out so the fur is facing out, and fill with poly-fill or a pillow filling.
  • Carefully pull the fur together and stitch the final end closed.

Toasty ankle and hand warmers. There is nothing cozier than fur! Make your old coat into some chic and stylish leg warmers or cuffs:

  • Cut the sleeves off of the coat and remove the lining material. You should have a couple of tube-shaped pieces of fur leftover.
  • Trim the length of each tube to the desired size that you want to slide over your feet and wear for leggings or over your hands for cuffs. Don't worry; fur won't fray as long as you remove the lining from each sleeve.
  • Adorn if you wish with buttons for a distinctive touch!

Before you discard your old fur, re-purpose it into something great! Whether you opt to make a fur pillow for you or your pet, or if you choose to wear your fur as ankle warmers this winter, there are many fun projects that you can use your old fur for. If you don't want to get crafty, consider donating old furs to pet shelters to be used for beds and blankets, too!

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