The Well-Groomed Groom: Tips For Men On Their Wedding Day

Your wedding day is bound to be one of the most important days of any man's life. Naturally, you will want to look your best and feel your most confident on this special occasion. Make sure that you are well-groomed and exuding class on your wedding day with a few simple suggestions.

The suit makes the man. Instead of renting an ill-fitting tuxedo, consider treating yourself to a custom-made suit. A tailored suit can last a lifetime, and will fit like a glove which makes you look lean and polished. Consider a custom suit to be a wedding gift that you give to yourself to ensure you look your very best!

A little goes a long way. Go easy with the cologne or after-shave on your wedding day. There could be guests at your event that have sensitivities or allergies to specific scents. Instead, try adding a drop of essential oil on your pulse-points in an appealing and non-irritating scent. Look for popular masculine options like eucalyptus, peppermint, or pine.

Spring for a visit to the barber. Feel your best on the big day with a trip to your favorite barber. Don't risk cutting yourself shaving; pay your barber to give you a traditional shave and hot-towel treatment. Your skin will glow and be as soft as a baby's skin.

Go with something a little unexpected. Choose accents sparingly but make sure to let your personality peek through. For instance, wear a pair of high-end novelty cuff-links, like silver dice or enameled cartoon characters. Don't go overboard; keep it classy on your wedding day.

Learn to tie a tie. Don't wear a clip-on or pre-tied tie of any sort. A sure way to exude sophistication and style is with a real tie. Take time to learn how to tie one so you are not at the mercy of your wedding party. There are plenty of tutorials online that show step-by-step the process of tying various knots and bows.

Use these tips to be a well-groomed groom on your wedding day. Treat yourself to a visit to the tailor and your personal barber, and consider changing up the way that you smell. Take the time to learn how to tie a tie and look around for the perfect accent, like a pair of cuff-links, that will let your own distinct personality shine through on this important day!.

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