To Tips To Help You Select The Right Nursing Shoes For You

As a nurse, one of the most important considerations you will need to make involves the kind of shoes that you will wear to carry out your work.  This is not the time to run into the store and carelessly grab any pair of shoes that happen to meet the requirements that your particular medical facility demand of you.  The shoes must have specific characteristics that will make it much easier for you to stand comfortably on your feet for long periods of time while you work your shift. [Read More]

Made In America: What You Need To Know

 The vast majority of the clothes that Americans wear are made in other countries. This fact makes it much more difficult to support employers who make clothes while following ethical labor standards, such as businesses that employ sweat shop worker. However, this is not an impossible feat: Your Clothes Might Not Be Trendy One of the challenges of purchasing clothes made in the USA is that they often cannot be made as quickly as clothes made in other countries. [Read More]

3 Games To Play At A Baby Shower For Dad

Traditionally, men are not included in the baby shower for the mother's to be, but instead, pushed out the door while the women celebrate. Instead of this, let the dad have their own celebration by having a baby shower for him. Below are some games that can be played at their baby shower so you can help make it a great one for him. 1. Changing Diapers The men may not be used to changing diapers, and may even balk at the idea of it. [Read More]

Keep Rain Boots On Hand for All Kinds of Adventures

Rain boots are an essential part of any child's wardrobe. Sometimes kids have to go out on a rainy day, and splashing in puddles is hard to resist. A pair of rain boots keep little feet dry even when the fun is wet, but those slick boots aren't just for rain. Children's rain boots can be useful in several situations. Here are a few.  Mud Fun What is better than a rain puddle? [Read More]