Latin Dance For Weight Loss

Are you a guy who is looking for a fun and interesting way to lose weight? Are you tired of exercise programs that are boring and that can even be embarrassing to do? The best exercises are ones that are fun and that you want to do. To this end, learning how to dance or learning new dance steps can be a great way to be more active while enjoying yourself and socializing with other people. [Read More]

Bored With Cotton And Nylon, But Hate The Idea Of Fur And Leather? Try These Two Jacket Materials

If you're someone who is serious about animal treatment, and you don't like the idea of wearing leather or fur, then it might seem like you have few options when it comes to jackets. Not every occasion calls for a heavy nylon parka. And maybe you're not a fan of the classic cotton blend coat. Luckily there are lots of alternatives to leather and fur. Here are two of them. [Read More]

Part Of Her World: Fun Ideas For A Mermaid Photo Shoot With Your Little Girl

Most little girls adore "The Little Mermaid" and other fun tales that feature the adventures of mermaids. These fairy tale heroines of the sea are sometimes mischievous, but they usually end up being great role models for little ones. Make some fun summer memories and plan a fun mermaid-themed, poolside photo shoot for your little girl. Get the Outfit Right The most important part of helping a little girl feel her best as a mermaid is a new mermaid swimming suit. [Read More]

How To Wear Boots

There are so many types of boots - booties, mid-calf boots, knee high boots and above the knee boots, not to mention the different heel height of boots. It can be a little overwhelming when shopping for boots, but all of these boots are great to have in your closet. See below for outfit ideas to wear with each type of boot. Booties Booties are low-cut, ankle boots that can be worn in just about every season. [Read More]